Harry Potter and the Special Package Story

Once upon a time Harry Potter and Ron were bent over a large box.

“I’d rather be bent over someone else’s box right now,” said Ron.

“Hush Ron, now help me get this lid off.”

Together the two of them pried the lid off the box then looked inside. Staring back up at them was a fuzzy bear dressed in shirt and pants. “Hello, I’m Rupert. The one and only,” it said, then it stood and stretched. “Thank you for opening my box. It’s been a while.”

“You’re a talking bear,” said Ron.

“Of course I can talk,” said Rupert.

“You must be magic,” said Harry.

“I’m not magic, but I’ve been told I can work magic before.” Rupert held up his hands and wiggled his fingers.

Just then Hermione walked into the room. “Oh good, my special order is here.”

“Yes I am, and I’m ready to get to work,” said Rupert. “Oh wait a moment, just one more thing.” Rupert reached back inside the box and pulled out a bottle of lotion. “All ready.”

“Right this way please,” said Hermione, and together they walked out the door.

“I guess I better get myself a fuzzy bear costume,” said Ron.


Harry Potter’s New Spell Story

Once upon a time Harry Potter put down his book and farted.

“Harry, that’s a bit rude don’t you think?” said Ron.

“It’s my new magic spell,” said Harry.

“What do you mean?” said Ron.

“Come have a sniff,” said Harry.

“No way,” said Ron.

“Come on Ron. You can’t be scared of a little wind.”

“Oh fine.” Ron stood and crossed to where Harry sat then inhaled deeply. “It, it smells like strawberries.”

“I know,” said Harry. “Magic.”

The Fragrant Shoe Shop Story

Once upon a time early in the morning when the sky was just beginning to lighten along the edges of the mountains the cobbler walked yawning into his shop. The small group of elves was still busily working on finishing the last of their shoes for the night.

The cobbler breathed deep then coughed and rubbed his nose. “I’ve done everything I can and yet every morning the workshop smells like stinky feet.”

The elves smiled sheepishly at each other then one of them said, “Uh, sir, I must tell you. That’s not feet you’re smelling. That’s our farts.”

Preferring Pizza Story

Once upon a time a man walked into a massage parlor. “Hello, I’d like to order a pizza,” said the man.

“I’m sorry, we don’t have pizzas here,” said the woman.

“Oh, I thought you did,” said the man.

“Why would you think that?” said the woman.

“I went to the business next door and told them I wanted something special, of course meaning a pizza because to me, pizza is special. They told me to come here,” said the man.

“That’s not what we do here,” said the woman.

“What is it you do here?” asked the man.

The woman explained all the various services they offered. The man paused then said, “I would rather have the pizza.”

A Fake Like

I always find it interesting, almost amusing, when you make a post about a video and the post gets all sorts of likes or loves or whatever the metric is, and yet no one watches the video. That goes directly to something I wrote about before, where often people will like what you do not because they actually like it or have any interest in it, but because they’re hoping you’ll see their name and click on it to check out their stuff. It’s simply their way of trying to market themselves. If you’re a content creator yourself, it’s good for you to be aware of this.